This is the second in a three-part series on how performance management software solutions are evolving to help finance organizations capitalize on the transformational forces of Big Data and Analytics, Cloud, Mobility and Social Business to deliver better business outcomes.

Capitalize on Big Data and Analytics for competitive advantage

Leading companies are capitalizing on Big Data and Analytics in five important areas.

Big data is more diverse data. To deliver foresight, Finance must access more diverse data sources than the ledgers of the past – operational data on demand, customer, econometric, supply chain, R&D, risk, etc is the source of insight on drivers of performance and risk. Performance management solutions should help you automate data extractions from ledger systems and operational data sources through the use of data integration tools that your financial analysts can use. Support from IT should be limited to access provisioning of the data sources. Indeed, your financial analysts should be able to model the data and automate the extractions on their own.

It’s all about business drivers.
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Binary Tree ( is a Virtual Company, every employee works from home. Over 80 employees in 20+ different states and 5 different countries all collaborate in a very productive and profitable company. All contribute to the success of the company. Employees are surveyed annually, and needless to say employee morale and job satisfaction levels are in the top 2% of nation wide companies similarly surveyed. This model works Some companies require employee onsite attendance (manufacturing companies, warehouses, retail and restaurants, etc) and working from home may only be an option for a few employees. (Sales, accounting, marketing folks may work remotely part of the time, at least). Many knowledge companies (IT, software services, etc) can be completely built around the Virtual Company model, and actually work better that way.
Think of the time saved by not commuting, think of the energy saved, think of the office rent and overhead saved. Compared to the average commute in New Jersey, employees are saving over 4 hours of time per week and over 400 gallons of gasoline (not to mention tolls or mass transit costs, wear and tear on autos, etc) each by working from home. Think about the ability to recruit the best talent anywhere, not just around the physical office location.
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An emergency in which one is short on money is one of the worst feelings in the world. It make a person feel out of control, helpless, and doomed. One solution that millions of people go to every year is using payday loans to get some extra cash to survive. A payday loan is an unsecured, short term loan.

The loan is then repaid on the borrower's next payday with a little bit of interest or a fee. While this is an incredibly convenient and sometimes imperative way to get some cash fast, one must be responsible when using this service. I spoke to SGE Loans who have many years experience in the short term loan and with ethical business practices have helped people use them in a responsible way they had many great pieces of advice to pass on to prospective borrowers. 

Is it Necessary?

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This is the first in a three-part series on how performance management software solutions are evolving to help finance organizations capitalize on the transformational forces of Big Data and Analytics, Cloud, Mobility and Social Business to deliver better business outcomes.

Volatility, uncertainty and risk

Heightened volatility, uncertainty and risk are now part of the normal course of business.  We see this in all businesses, including non-profit and government organizations regardless of size, geography or industry.  The root causes are wide ranging:  from globalization and technology to shifting demographics, government policies and regulations.  But the consequences are unmistakable: Finance and business executives struggle to drive customer value, profitable growth and adapt to risk.

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If there is one thing that has had a positive impact on anything and everything, it is technology and its rapid development. Talking specifically about the tourism industry and travelers, technology  has made a significant in such businessses.  Not only has it resulted in minimal manual labor but also brought down expenses, costs of operation, increased efficiency and help businesses reach their targetted goals without any hinderence. This article takes a look at how has technology made a difference in the tourism sector and helped tourism businesses reach greater heights.

Internet Bookings:

The population of the world is always on the rise and therefore a common platform was requried where one could easily book or cancel travel tickets. The Internet eyed this market and estimated its scope to be unlimited.  The online booking systems have done a splendid job in creating possibilities wherein anyone can make a booking or cancel one via internet. The Internet Booking Engines have completely changed the way people used to book tickets and have widened the range of travelers that can conduct bookings simultanously.

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Getting your employees to work and work well shouldn’t be a very difficult task if you’ve hired the right employees. However, it’s been shown that recognition in the workplace (even a simple pat on the back or ‘good job’) can be more powerful when employees are deciding to stay or leave than even a pay raise. People love to be validated, and they also love to be rewarded. But if you have a reward system in place to boost productivity that does nothing more than name them Employee of the Month, you may want to rethink your structure and give your employees something they’d actually value.

  • Have a Party! – Give your office an objective and let them know that as soon as it’s reached they’ll get a party. This may sound like a very elementary way to reward employees, but time off to socialize and relax is exactly what any employee needs after hitting a big target. Splurge and order foo, give your employees the afternoon to just enjoy themselves. Maybe go for something healthy like a regular office fruit basket delivery – I recommend ordering from ‘Fruitful Office’ as our office has had good experience with them – they are London based but deliver UK wide.) They’ll appreciate it when they get back to work feeling refreshed and ready to tackle their next milestone.
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Crowdfunding is big and getting bigger. In the internet age, more and more businesses are turning to the web to generate business funding for their start up, while increasing numbers of wannabe investors go online to seek out accessible investment opportunities they couldn’t find elsewhere in a million years. It’s a great way to get involved in something new and it’s exciting for those looking to invest. It’s also a very accessible, hope-inspiring route to finance for entrepreneurs who are struggling to find funding from traditional sources.

Business funding options are diversifying. In a tricky financial time, investment for fledgling businesses, particularly from the banks, is extremely difficult to source. Alternatives including angel investment, business funding from
providers like Everline and DIY ‘bootstrapping’ are all becoming more prevalent – yet it is crowdfunding which is receiving the lion’s share of the press – for good and for bad.

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The demand for smartphones gets bigger and is constantly changing the lives of many people. More and more people and businesses turn to mobile applications for support in their different needs that are related to either personal or business. Marketing business has also evolved as infotainment has become more appreciated as a good way to market businesses and organizations. Product development is indeed getting faster. Therefore, the demand for new solutions that must supplement this growth is increasing as well and we all have to embrace the best solutions.

Fortunately, there are supporting technologies like OMAP or Open Multimedia Applications Platform that can deliver cost effective and high performance applications. It is an arrangement of video or image processor that is productively developed by Texas Instruments, an American company that is recognized as a chief designer and manufacturer of semiconductors. OMAP devices like the

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Big firms should put big budget in running big data projects. Why not? Experts say that big data offers a lot of great opportunities for businesses. Data is undoubtedly something that every company has to pay attention to. Before you get in the larger scope, it is important that you are able to write data analysis well. Here are some important things that you have to consider.

1. Acknowledge your tests and testing processes. Clarify all of the tests you performed and why you performed them. This part is very important for it is going to redefine your goals.

2. Explain how you gather the data. It is very important that you are able to explain how you collect your data and the measures you took to make sure that your ways of collecting data are objective and accurate.

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Everyone has a point in their job or career where they realize they aren’t as motivated as they once were. Keeping yourself motivated isn’t always easy. But it is possible to put the fire back in your determination. Whether you are looking to move up in your job, inspire those who look to you for guidance, or push your business to the next level, it is important to find your motivation and rekindle it. These are some of the best business books that can help you relight the fire in your career. Keep them handy in your desk or office to inspire you.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff….and it’s all small stuff by Richard Carlson, PH.D. - This inspiring book changes how you look at all the stress-inspiring things in your life. By learning how to stop worrying and stressing over the small stuff that holds you back, you are able to move forward to accomplish your bigger goals. One of the biggest barriers people have to success is by letting themselves be weighed down by the day to day problems they encounter.

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One element that is commonly overlooked for the enticing of bringing customers in to a shop to browse are the shop fronts. The shop fronts of various stores are designed with the customers in mind in order to present a welcoming design that draws customers in and encourages them to spend money on the merchandise. If you are looking for a great way to get customers to notice your business and spend money there then you are going to want to craft the perfect store front for your targeted audience. The benefits associated with shop fronts and the success of the company include showing the customer the type of merchandise that is sold at that store, illustrating the environment in the store, clearly communicating the benefits of shopping at that store, and intriguing the prospective clients enough to bring them in the shop in the first place. When you design the right shop fronts, you are taking your business to the next level of achieving great success.

If you have traditional shop front doors, or aluminum shop fronts, it does not matter; there is a design of the store’s presentation that can be perfect for you. When you are really trying to make the

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When planning for retirement, financial experts advise retirees will need 70 percent of their pre-retirement income in order to maintain the same lifestyle. While this might sound difficult and unattainable, there are ways to achieve this goal and thrive instead of survive during what is hopefully a long period of retirement. These 10 tips will get anyone started on the road to a financially healthy retirement.

Know the Numbers

The amount of money needed for a financially sound retirement is different for each individual. To find out the right retirement savings amount, a person should:

1. Visit a financial advisor.
2. Use an online financial calculator.
3. Plan ahead; it's better to save "too much" than not enough.

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If you own a business, you understand the importance of having your own office. Many entrepreneurs that work out of their homes do not necessarily want to have potential clients coming to their homes for business meetings. Along with this, having meetings at the local coffee shop or restaurant is not always a great idea either. Too many times, those working out of their homes lose clients due to this reason. The problem is that once you start looking for offices to rent so you can compete in the business world, you realize the costs are way out of your budget. There is an answer that will be affordable and will even provide you more prestige than an office in your local neighborhood – virtual offices.

When you begin your search for offices for rent (or in Mexico despachos en renta), also look at the opportunities you can receive with virtual office. You can actually receive an address in an upscale financial area of different locations around the world. With these packages, you can even use the office space you need by renting the day office for an hour or longer according to your needs. The possibilities are endless when you seek out offices for rent that provide other services along with a fiscal address.

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What a winter, what a mess. More snow today, heaviest and wettest snow here at the NJ Shore in a long time. Really rough times for our stores and restaurants, last year we had Sandy and snow on the ground from Christmas to Lincoln's Birthday. Some lasted until the end of the summer this year, and then closed. Some struggle on. Interestingly, closings included some of the best, as well as some not so stellar. Some places that had been going strong for 30+ years now gone.

This year, icy cold. Now smothered with snow again. Our chapter is getting ready to welcome the spring with a set of programs focused on our members still in transition. And to help graduating students find work. Yes, the area is still not recovered from the 2008-9 economic debacle and many of our members have lost jobs that have never returned to the area. Top in the class graduates are still being recruiting by accounting firms, but most of the graduates in accounting do not find work in their profession. Just like other grads, entry level jobs are now part time work in retail, fast food and clerical positions. As a profession, we need to do a better job hiring our colleagues, including these new grads.

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Everything that we do has a reason. We do things to delight persons, to make them recognize us and keep a good bonding relationship amidst them. Just like advocating materials they are purposely used in alignment to make a certain business recognizable in the market and meet a certain goal which is to earn more sales and earnings.

Among the materials that we often rendezvous or arrive over with are the business cards. We exchange cards if we are involved of what they are proposing or for the sake of keeping in feel. The business cards that we circulate mainly have a reason which is to make a good connection among the persons we rendezvous and mingle.

Since we are utilizing business cards with a purpose why can't we make them something unique and conceive a design that is worth recalling. We can believe of concepts that will agree with our plans and founded on the idea of our marketing scheme.


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The traditional way of quality control is a way to avert the production of products that do not meet the specific acceptance criteria. This could be attained by doing some inspections on products to be able to improve them. We are just very fortunate now to enjoy the advances of Statistical Process Control or SPC. It is an innovation that helps control the monitoring and upgrade of a process. Most of the SPC software solutions operate in specific IT environment. Running your SPC software within a familiar framework is just another way to save your company from time, resources and costs.

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The process of handling data is a challenge for most companies. Big companies that are handling grander data have to rely on the ceaseless advances in technology to make the process of handling data easier and more fruitful. Business intelligence is vital for the analysis of internal raw data. This can be a turnover by department or product or selecting an incompetent business processes that can be improved or altered to better suit your business needs. But in order for this process to be efficient, you have to be sure that your data is collected and gathered well. It has to be clean, trustworthy and of good quality.

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If you’re looking to set up a retail business then you will probably need to find some good wholesale suppliers. This, however, is easier said than done. Yes, there is no shortage of suppliers out there, but it can be difficult to tell the good ones from the bad until you have a little more experience. Added to this, you will have to decide what kind of supplier you are looking for, whether you want to source goods domestically or import them, and whether you want to pay an agent to find suppliers for you.

The very first step you should take is to decide exactly what it is you are going to sell as this will have an influence on the kind of supplier you choose. Who are your major customers? For example, are you looking to supply building contractors and sourcing low-cost building supplies or will you be dealing in smaller items such a t-shirts, banners or mugs? The important thing is to go for products which are popular enough to sell well but are just unusual or attractively priced enough to ensure the market is not already saturated with them. Research trends within your intended customer base so you can get a feel for what is likely to do well.

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In an ideal world, a business owner would be able to choose any Chinese supplier from the archives on offer and know that he or she was is for a good deal. Sadly, this isn’t an ideal world and most likely never will be – hence why such a random and passive approach isn’t the best idea.

The fact that you yourself aren’t based in China and perhaps have little to no idea what to expect right now can seem like one hell of an obstacle, but it is in fact perfectly possible to ensure you choose a solid and dependable supplier in China from any foreign country. It’s all about knowing what makes a good Chinese supplier and making sure all the right boxes are ticked before you even consider signing on the dotted line.

Here’s a quick guide on the subject of teaming up with a Chinese factory or supplier that’s guaranteed to benefit your business:

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If you are thinking about putting some money into coins as an investment, then you might like to know whether you should buy gold or silver ones. It would be fair to say that investing in silver coins is not quite as common as investments made into gold ones. However, with this said it does not mean that putting your money into silver coins is not just as attractive. Many people choose to place some money into silver coins because they are relatively easy to trade should you wish to do so at any point in time although it is fair to say that of the two commodities, silver is the more volatile.

Gold coins offer you a sound investment but so do silver coins

Why Gold & Silver Coins Are Both Good Investments

The reason gold and silver coins are such a good investment is simply because they are small and therefore easy to trade. Add to this the demand for them; it makes it even more of an attractive investment option. However, you need to be cautious when investing in rare coins and any excessive premiums. The thing to bear in mind is that numismatics may have a high price but you may not be able to sell them should you need or want to later on in time. If you come across higher premiums which have to be added to a price, then consider this to be a bad signal and therefore avoid buying the coins whether they are silver or gold.

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