Happy Mentoring Young Professionals!

I recently started a new role as Controller for Near North Montessori School in Chicago and the only thing that kept me up at night before I started were questions e.g.

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Happy Mentoring Young Professionals!

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a weird vibe? Or have you ever met someone and your gut instinct right away tells you that the person was up to no good or can’t be trusted? What is this feeling that we get? It’s almost like a feeling of right vs wrong. It is almost as if your gut instinct has a built in ethics barometer. But what if your view on ethics is corrupt; will that mislead your gut instinct?

We develop our gut instinct from an early age when we learn right from wrong. We trust our gut instinct to help us make decisions in life and to determine if we should stay in a situation or flight. But what if we think is right is actually wrong? What if your boss is embezzling and your gut instinct tells you to look the other way because your friendship with your boss goes back 10+ years and you know his family very well. What if upper management acted unethically and asks you to help “cook the books?” Knowing you have a family to take care of and mouths to feed, do you help?

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I have Finally passed CMA Part 1 In my first Attempt I got 300 at my second attempt and then 390 on my second attempt, there are people who took 5 attempts then they passed Part 1 so im really great-full to God for this accomplishment.

​I'm writing because i want to share my experience to CMA candidates that after i failed in my first attempt i was so discourage but my Teacher/Mentor really supported me and we started all over again but this time we focused more on the essay.
Of-course MCQ's are 75% of the exam but Essay's are also very important i did all the MCQ's From Gliem then before one week of exam i did some mock exams that my Mentor Asif Hanif made for me i took the mocks as i was giving mock exam i also prepared for the essay.

  Don'tunderestimate CMA exam but if you got hard work and a great Mentor like i got Asif Hanif you can do it.
  Best wishes to all CMA candidates for the exam !
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Happy Mentoring Young Professionals!

Many years ago I learned a very important acronym from a leadership professor at DePaul University.

DWYSYWD; “Do What You Say You Will Do!”

People want to be led. People want to contribute to the success of teams. But this can only happen if we DWYSYWD! Whether you are working with a team or 1-on-1 mentoring, your team or mentee will listen to you talk but then watch you walk. They want to ensure you are a trusted leader and follow through with your commitments.  

It is important as trusted leaders & mentors to

  • Maintain our credibility. Without it, who will trust us to lead them?
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IMA Atlanta a had a great meeting with Jeff Thomson IMA President, read about it 

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IMA Atlanta members and friends please Please read post here!

Don Spears
FY14/15 IMA Atlanta President
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Happy Mentoring Young Professionals!

Lately I have been thinking about “What makes a great mentor?” Is a great mentor someone with a lot of work experience? Or is it better for them to have more life lessons? Is a great mentor someone who is retired and can dedicate more time to mentees? Or is it someone who can give sound advice for any situation?

All mentors are different. All have unique backgrounds and it doesn’t really matter if one mentor has more experience or time than another mentor. What truly matters is the mentor’s ability to listen.

Listening is a very powerful tool. When we listen,

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ATTENTION:       IMA Nashville Chapter Members

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Happy Mentoring Young Professionals!

 How many of you feel like you have a good work/life balance? Do you feel your employer pushes you to take care of your body? Your health? Your mind? Or do you feel drained by your work? Lacking energy when you get home. Too tired to even cook a healthy meal for dinner.

 Finding a balance between work and life is something I used to struggle with but am fortunate to say that is something of the past. Part of my struggle was I had trouble saying NO!

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Happy Mentoring Young Professionals!

I would like to share with you the following quote I read last night by Robert Brault, “Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden?”

This quote touched home with me for many reasons. One reason which immediately came to mind was I recently spoke with a Director of a school in the Chicagoland area & during our conversation I was informed their students, I believe 7th and 8th graders, harvest a garden down the street from the school. The students prepare meals with the food they grow and sell the meals for a profit & donate their profits to charity. I was amazed when I heard this. Children are literally being taught:

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    The New Jersey Technology Council July 2014 issue of Tech News has included an article written by me on How to Grow a Virtual Technology Company.  This, in my opinion, will be the dominant form of IT Knowledge Sharing company of the future.  Check it out at your convenience, Page 10-12.

    I have joined a start up provider of Virtual Desktop and Server Virtualization to the NYC Metro Region's Small and Medium sized businesses. Most larger companies have long enjoyed the server virtualization. Millions of enterprise users already experience desktop virtualization.TetherView ( is now providing these enterprise grade solutions to smaller companies. A huge market regionally, over 300,000 small companies, with over 4 million PC users. 40% still using Windows XP, less than 2% using Virtual Desktops now.Building from zero.

    Locally good news, my brother has finally moved back to his home (July 5). His family had been out of their home since Superstorm Sandy. Much of the shore area here is still not back to normal (just like his dock). But thank heavens he and is family are now back home.

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    Hey friends im here today to share a FACEBOOK PAGE where CMA is every thing I mean this page got lots of Information on CMA, Videos related cma and Some lectures on CMA by my CMA coach Asif Hanif.

    Link below
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    Happy Monday Young Professionals!

    Last week we kicked off our Mentoring Mondays blog. A blog dedicated to helping others!

    When we think about helping others, sometimes our fears get in the way of us actually helping.

    Thoughts such as,

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    How do you tell a story when its climax is yet to unfold?

    It’s a question I was tempted to ask Sir Angel, my mentor – but better decided not to. After all, I've already said “sure” to the task, hadn't I?

    So here I am. After passing hours of thoughts adrift and heaving sighs I lost count on, let me share to you my CMA journey…

    It was the in-between of finals week and graduation when I was formally introduced to the path of becoming a CMA.  Though snippets about a certification for management accountants had been going around before, it was too short-lived to turn “interests” into actual “commitments”. On top of that, my mind is already preoccupied on planning that out-of-the-country vacation I have been saving for so long. Singapore, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia were in fact among the places pinned; and setting foot on the land of Wiley, Gleim or Hock is absolutely far off the grid.

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    CMA has a higher passing score percentage 72% if compared with other professional bodies like ACCA which has 50% passing score, so some people asked me about why the CMA exam has higher percentage even from ACCA.Many of these people said for a regular student who takes 60 to 70% in ACCA can not pass the exam but it's not true as these two don't have any kind of comparison, both
    have different exam style or format. 
    CMA does require Hard work but if put it on the right direction i mean not just study the text but also doing lots of question and Mock exam is very important because it builds stamina for the real exam and also perform as exam rehearsal.
    So kick it up & Best of luck for your exam ahead.
    Best regards,
    Waqar Akmal
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    Do you complete a budget simply because it is supposed to be done?  Or perhaps you aren’t doing one at all.  Chances are you aren’t utilizing your budget to its full potential. Here are a few ways can utilize your budget once completed.

    Controlling expenses:

    This is the most common use of the budget. You can use this to limit overages for spending or to let you know if the income is there to support the proposed expense. Budgeting is an ongoing process, not something you do once and set on the shelf. Unforeseen circumstances do come up but a budget is a tool to help you manage the risk of overspending.

    Projecting cash flow:

    Budgeting is not just about projecting income and loss. If you do not complete a balance sheet and a statement of cash flows with your budget, then your budgeting process is incomplete and you are missing out on vital details. Budgeting can tell you if you will need a line of credit and how long you will need it. Budgeting can also help you decide if you can afford the new equipment you have been investigating. A budget is a great “what if” tool.


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    Good Day Young Professionals!

    It is my pleasure to kick off our blog with Mentoring Mondays!

    A question I would like to ask is "Who can be a mentor?" The answer = ANYONE!

    Great! So if you are reading this, know you can mentor someone.


    By being a dedicated professional who seeks to improve the quality of not just their life but the lives of the individuals inside & outside their communities. 

    It is up to us as mentors to be leaders & to be of service to our communities. To not just think, "What's in this for me?" 

    But rather think: 

    • "How does this serve the greater good?"
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    Don't miss this event. 20 CPE for $259...check out the website for registration and program details.  Conveniently being held in Westford, MA
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    In a recent mentoring session, a mentee asked me to as her some questions so she could practice for an upcoming job interview.  This was a promotion within her current organization, so one of the sets of questions I asked was:

            In your own words, what is the mission of your organization?  How will you contribute to the mission in this new role?

    My mentee could articulate the organizational mission, but she struggled with the second half of the question.  As we discussed it further, I realized she didn't understand the bigger picture of how her new position (or even her current position) directly contributed to the organization's mission.  Even more tragically, she did not understand how critically important her individual and unit contributions were to the organization's mission.  

    Sadly, a lot of employees don't understand how their "piece of the puzzle" fits into the organization mission.  That's partly why I asked her those questions. Going into that interview she needs to understand how her desired position contributes to the mission and be able to confidently state how her skills and abilities will enable her to sucessfully fulfill that role.

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