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Bacardi Limited excels at innovation. One of its latest creations is an innovative application of...

By Raef Lawson, CMA, CPA, CFA; Toby Hatch; and Denis Desroches Every progressive organization needs...

Standard calculation for monthly Balance Sheet Account (Accounts Receivable) thru monthly financial...

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FP&A Blog

  • Tony Levy

    Capitalizing on Transformational Forces – Part III

    This is the third in a three-part series on how performance management software solutions are evolving to help finance...

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    Would you share experience of financial forecasting...

    I am working on a small app covering financial side of business budgeting and forecasting for SMEs capable of what-if analysis. Its mainly targeted... more

  • Michael Minch

    RE: Building Financial Models with Microsoft Ex...

    I took this course and I thought it was good. It taught me how to make a sound, logical, and consistent financial model piece by piece using excel.... more

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