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1.  A New Perspective

Posted 11 days ago

Hello Everyone,

I am Zakwan Sada, Indian citizen currently working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
I am a B.Com graduate and CA(Chartered Accountant) finalist from Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

I have been studying for CA Finals for quite a long time now while working here in UAE.
CA Finals Curriculum gives deep insights into Indian Commercial, Corporate & Taxation laws apart from Financial Standards, Financial Management, Management Accounting & Audit.
Since I am working in a different country, where none of these laws are applicable and it's tax heaven UAE, I experienced that my studies does not sync with my work and it didn't make any sense why am I becoming expert in something I am not interested in and something so irrelevant in my life and career. But because CA is a professional and one of the most valuable course and if I managed to clear finals, my payroll might double and my skills & expertise in subject will be recognized and so I continued to strive on.

I gave couple of attempts and failed both times in one subject called ISCA(Information System Control & Audit). The funniest thing in CA exams is if you fail in one subject, you have to re-appear for all other exams even though you cleared other subjects with good marks. I believe the reason I failed in ISCA was not because I didn't knew the subject, but because the exams require student to mug the whole book and vomit the same in exams which I am not good at.
Moreover, it is a theoretical subject and requires writing skills and you might think it as a joke, but my handwriting is so bad that sometime I don't understand it; I had a serious doubt how the evaluator will encrypt it.

Now this left me in dilemma, as I know I cannot improve my handwriting nor can I mug this subject. (Here I emphasize on mugging again and again because examination patterns requires you to. The questions in exam will be like "What are the five benefits of Agile method in System Development Life Cycle", and the Examiner expects us to write the exact same five points mentioned in study material of the Institute word by word.) This was a situation when I was like even after being proficient in subjects like Management Accounting, Financials, Taxation, Law & others, I cannot demonstrate the world that I am qualified enough to be professional and hence I was stucked in job I am over-qualified for. My career was heading nowhere since I find it suffocating in low-skill job without any prospects. I was treated on par with other university graduates, though I knew I am better than that. For American people to understand, It was like clearing 3 out of 4 papers in CPA and failing in 4th paper by 1mark and your period gets expired. Your expertise in subject is no less than those CPA holders, but you don't have certification to prove.

I happened to hear about CMA from a colleague of mine, and I was awestruck as this is exactly what I needed in my life at that moment. First of all, it does not require manual writing and it test knowledge, skills and abilities that is required in real day to day working life. Without thinking twice, I started my preparation very next day and appeared for first part of CMA in February 2017 which I passed by scoring 450/500. The curriculum in CA is similar to Learning Outcome Statements(LOS) of CMA but what changed here was perspective. The best thing about CMA exams was it's emphasis on things that matters and its relevance to business practice. I will be appearing for part 2 of CMA exams in the next window and god willingly once I pass with flying colors, I can see my skills & work being recognized post CMA certification. The only thing I regret now is that I should have switched to CMA much earlier, but like they say "Better late than never".

Congratulations IMA for completing 100years.

Zakwan Sada
Executive Accountant
Al Ansari Exchange
United Arab Emirates