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1.  Celebrate IMA's History

Posted 10 days ago
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One day in 2009 I was invited to attend an induction seminar for the CMA, While I was listening to the lecturer who presented this seminar, some of the recipients of this certificate presented their exciting experiences, I decided to be one of them since that moment and I really came to this milestone in 2011 after hard work.

During this interesting journey, I learned not only the academic information required to practice the profession in the working life, but also, I learned how to change my thinking, outlook and assessment of things around me, both in my work and on a personal level.

This certificate made me cross the time barrier and achieve in 5 years unless I achieve it within 12 years before I received it. In addition to the material return, I became from an accountant in a company to a manager of accounts in another company to a financial manager in a third company, while many of my friends and colleagues are still in their jobs at least without any significant professional development.

One of the most wonderful moments that passed me after this wonderful achievement in my life was the moment that I presented a golden ring as a gift to the companion of the struggle .. My wife

Idress Zobair, CMA
Financial Manager
Property & Facility Management Co
Saudi Arabia