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Subject: What is the correct % to Pass the CMA Exam

1.  What is the correct % to Pass the CMA Exam

Posted 10 days ago
Hi Team ,

1st Scenario:
This is a never ending argument , I want to know how much you need to Pass the CMA Exam . Few say you need 50 % of 500 to enter into the essays.  so we need 250 , at the same time It is also told 75 % pf MCQs and 25 % of Essay part . So we need 250 /375 = 66.66 % to score in MCQs to enter the Essay . is this a right approach

2nd Scenario:

I also read , out of 100 questions, 10 questions are just tested and not evaluated so 50% of 90 (ie) 45 questions you need to answer in order to go to essay's

which scenario is true? can someone answer ,

Thanks for your time


Srinivasan ​

R. Srinivasan