Student Scholarships

Scholarship Funding

In September 1999, the Oakland-East Bay Chapter learned that the chapter was the beneficiary of a generous gift from the estate of a long-time member of our Chapter. Kenneth Hufford had bequeathed almost $21,000 "for the establishment of a scholarship fund in my name for the Oakland-East Bay Chapter."

Kenneth Hufford was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and was educated at Montana State University and the University of Colorado. He first joined the National Association of Cost Accountants (a predecessor name for the Institute of Management Accountants) in 1947 while working as a Certified Public Accountant for the San Francisco firm of McClaren, Goode and Co. A resident of Oakland and later Lafayette, Mr. Hufford became one of 118 charter members of the Oakland-East Bay Chapter when it "split off" from the San Francisco Chapter and received its Charter in 1952.

After retiring from the accounting profession, Mr. Hufford stayed active as a musician in a band playing for nursing homes. He passed away in Lafayette in 1997 at the age of 85. His wife predeceased him, and he had no children. A generous man, Mr. Hufford named 30 charitable organizations as beneficiaries of his estate. The Oakland-East Bay Chapter is proud to be one of those beneficiaries, and to honor this man by supporting the accounting education of deserving local students.

The Chapter has established guidelines for prudently investing the fund assets and for awarding annual scholarships to local college students. 

Student Scholarship Presented

Arshdeep Kinda  California State University-East Bay 2017-2018 Mr. Khinda is a junior accounting student at CSUEB and is indeed a worthy recipient of the scholarship! He’ is an potential H1B employee and expressed the following opinion:
“The scholarship means a lot to me. Thank you for the help, I really need it!”/
Tram Thi Bich Nguyen  Ohlone College 2017-2018 Ms. Nguyen is an Accounting Major with plans to continue her endeavors at San Jose State University in pursuit of her Accounting Degree.
Thomas Gaffney  Las Positas College 2017-2018 Mr. Gaffney is a Navy Veteran who is putting his utmost effort into further schooling to achieve his goals and success.
 Danielle DeWitz  Chabot College 2017-2018  
 Eman Morad  California State University-East Bay  2016-2017 Ms. Morad is an outstanding student in the College of Business & Economics with a major in Accounting, and her cumulative GPA is above 3.65.
 Adrian Sandoval  Chabot College  2016-2017 Mr. Sandoval will attend San Jose State for the 2017-18 year.
 Quan Nguyen  Ohlone College  2016-2017
 Carmen Dayton  Las Positas College  2016-2017 Ms. Dayton will attend San Jose State for the 2017-18 year.
 Alexander K. Kiani  California State University-East Bay  2015-2016  
 Cam Nhung Tran  California State University-East Bay  2014-2015  
 Fauzia Nawaz (AV)  California State University-East Bay
 2013-2014 Fauzia Nawaz is an undergraduate, majoring in both Accounting and Finance. Her cumulative GPA is 3.46. In her application, she wrote that, in the future, she wants to be a CPA and works as a tax director. (She is an IRS Advanced Certified Tax Preparer.) She is currently the campus ambassador for CalCPA and has been selected to attend the annual AICPA Scholars Leadership Workshop to be held in coming June.
 Qian Chen (OEB)  California State University-East Bay   2013-2014 Qian Chen is an undergraduate, majoring in both Accounting and Corporate Management. Her cumulative GPA is 3.85, receiving all A's from the accounting major classes.  Qian immigrated to the U.S. when she was 15 years old. She wrote in her application that her passion is in studying accounting and her career goal is to manage personal ventures as a way to provide opportunities and employment for the communities.
 Sonny Tan (AV)  California State University-East Bay  2012-2013 Sonny Tan has overcome many obstacles in order for him to come back to school. Using his own experiences in life, he has been mentoring young people and high school students. Professors' recommendations indicate Sonny as articulate, intelligent and hard working. Besides accounting, Sonny also majors in economics and studio arts.
 Robert Lopez (AV)  California State University-East Bay  2011-2012 Robert majors in both accounting and finance. His overall GPA is 3.3. His career plan is to pursue MBA, to work as a financial analyst or as an auditor. In his application, Robert listed many jobs (MetLife, Albertson's, Wal-Mart, among others) that he has done before. The Committee is impressed with his knowledge of many business functions, besides accounting. Robert is also very involved with extracurricular activities, for example Beta Alpha Psi. He is currently the vice president of marketing for another fraternity, Financial Analysis and Management Education (F.A.M.E.) on campus.

The committee is especially impressed with Robert's writing about "to make positive impact on the community", as well as to "set an example to other students who have had a rough life" in his application.
 Mary Kilzer (AV)  California State University-East Bay  2007-2008 The 2007-2008 Scholarship Award went to Mary Kilzer, an undergraduate student at California State University-East Bay. Her major is in accounting and she expects to graduate in the Spring of 2009.

While maintaining a GPA of  3.37, she has been active in extensive community involvement. In her freshman year, she worked 10-13 hours per week to take care of a teenage girl with Down syndrome. For more than two years (with 315 hours logged), she has been volunteering at Eden Information and Referral to help low-income families. She has been involved in a math-tutoring program for disadvantaged kids since January of this year. Mary participated in's Diversity Leadership Program last summer and will participate in a similar internship program in Washington D.C. this summer of 2008
She is an excellent recipient for the Chapter’s award because of her leadership role, her caring for the community and academic achievement. since she began attending California State University-East Bay in the Fall of 2004. Chapter’s President, Ian Myles, presented the award to her at the 32nd College of Business and Economics Annual Awards Banquet on May 9th, 2008.
 Van Li (AV)  California State University-East Bay   2006-2007  
 Na Wang (AV)  California State University-East Bay   2005-2006 Ms. Wang is an accounting major with 3.63 GPA. She transferred to California State University-East Bay, East Bay from College of San Mateo about three quarters ago. She is originally from China, but is now living in the United States by herself. While taking a full-load of classes, she is also working about 15 to 20 hours per week in the San Mateo County Community College District office in order to support herself
 Krishen Melvani (AV)  California State University-East Bay   2004-2005  
 Siddhi Voha (AV)  California State University-Hayward   2003-2004  
 Vineeta Mehta (AV)  California State University-Hayward   2002-2003  
 Xilong Pan (AV)  California State University-Hayward  2001-2002  
 Boknyeo Jun (AV)  California State University-Hayward  2000-2001  
 Janet Sykes (AV)  California State University-Hayward  1999-2000  
 Michael Valdez (AV)  California State University-Hayward  1998-1999