Enroll as a Mentee

Welcome to the IMA Mentoring Program!


Please complete the form below to enroll as a Mentee in the IMA Mentoring Program.  To ensure that you are matched with the right Mentor, please be sure to:

  1. Log in using the link at the top right corner of this page.
  2. Fully complete the form below:
    • Enter the date you will be ready to accept requests from Mentors in the Start of Mentee Availability field.
    • Click "Add" for each of the demographics to set your preferences.
    • Click the blue "Save" button near the bottom of the page.

Upon successful enrollment, you will see a Mentee badge on your member profile. Please take a moment to complete your member profile so that potential Mentors can learn more about you. Add a photo, include information in your bio and details of your job history.

Mentor/Mentee Guidelines and Expectations

Mentee enrollment occurs twice per year during December/January/February? and May/June windows. If you miss the enrollment period, please check back during the next window. The role of the mentee is to work with a mentor to achieve mutually agreed upon goals.

Mentees will request mentors based on their Leadership Profiles and given willingness or expertise in one or more selected topics. Mentees are required to update their Leadership Profiles and turn on email notifications for myIMA network. Mentees will request mentors based on matches for specific industry topics and criteria. Mentors have two weeks to accept the request. If the relationship is not accepted by the mentor, the request will be declined, and the mentee will be entered back in the mentee pool to make a new request. Mentees must be willing to work with the mentor at least once per month at a mutually acceptable time, preferably via Skype or virtual call, but phone and/or in-person is acceptable, as well.

Mentoring is NOT for career networking, resume building, or job searching.