IMA Middle East's Message

We would like to congratulate IMA Riyadh Chapter for the significant progress that the chapter has made in a short span of two years. Our thanks go to the past and current Presidents of the Chapter, namely Mr. Timothy Douglas and Mr. Hassan Al Bahes for their leadership as well as the entire chapter board of directors for their unmatched efforts.

Building new and relevant skill sets is essential for accounting and finance professionals to drive performance in today’s fast-paced business climate. Our region has an increasing demand for qualified finance professionals with Saudi Arabia being the largest market attracting hundreds of thousands of job-seekers since decades. Saudi government’s is actively executing plans to diversify the country to move away from oil-based economy and to increase the prospects for prosperity, which drives the needs for qualified management accountants

IMA has been confronting the skills gap for decades with the goal of creating a stronger and well-equipped profession. Through innovative solutions and technology-driven programs, it has helped generations of accountants build the skills that can make the biggest impact to their organizations and career. CMA qualified professionals have actively shaped the roles of CFO and Finance Managers from number crunchers to catalyst in managing organizational performance as business partners.

IMA’s CMA program offers the best ROI on your investment in professional education and career development. CMA-certified professionals earn 59% more in median salary and 63% more in median total compensation, compared to their noncertified peers. Backed by more than 40 years of management accounting innovation and insight from IMA, the CMA credential is today’s most market-relevant assessment of professional accounting and finance career qualifications.

We wish the IMA Riyadh chapter board continuous success in helping certifying, connecting and empowering accounting and finance professionals in Saudi Arabia and Riyadh more specifically.

IMA Middle East