President's Message

President’s Message

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board of Governors, Past Presidents, and members for allowing me to serve as this year’s President of SCMS.   It is a great privilege and honor to serve this great society.  

I am looking forward to expanding our membership to be more inclusive and I’ll need everyone helping to seek out IMA leaders to join SCMS.   With our new membership structure, “All persons must be an IMA member in good standing and have been or currently is an active volunteer within IMA for no less than one year of documented volunteer service with an interest in accounting, finance, or information management, and advancing the profession. The applicant below agrees to abide to the following criteria:

  • Pay SCMS dues
  • The IMA Statement of Ethical Professional Practice
  • Accept personal responsibility for continuing their professional education


Although we are not meeting in person currently, we need to remain connected.  I know many of us are spending our days in meetings virtually and I must stay I am getting use to the new platforms available to stay connected.   To keep us all safe for one more year, we are planning 2 virtual events for this year’s Mid-Year on Friday, September 10th from 1 – 4 PM EST and Friday, November 12th from 1 – 4 PM EST.   Each event will be followed by a virtual Hospitality Party and I do know our group loves the Hospitality Suite so I am encouraging everyone to join in the Party.   I am hoping that you can mark your calendars to join us for some great CPE and fun times.   I would like to thank Evan Scarborough, Education Committee Chair, Mitch Lenoil, Kris Brands, Laurie Burney, Cristal Breitbeil for their help in putting together this year’s program. 

At our Annual Meeting, we were able to induct 12 new members. The event even included the bag pipers which was our first virtual induction.  Congratulations to all the new members.

I would like to personal thank MaryValerie Reeves, Tanya Shell, Peggy Brown, Pat Wynn, and Harvey Childers, for their guidance and mentoring for this position and so many more. MaryValerie has done an excellent job as President this past year and I am looking forward to working with her this coming year on the Executive Committee. 

I am hoping that everyone has a great summer and will keep safe.


Sandy Brenner, CMA

2021-2022 SCMS President