President's Message

Dear Members of the Stuart Cameron McLeod Society,

I hope you had a wonderful autumn season, and enjoyed Thanksgiving or other holiday events with friends and family.  SCMS has been very busy since the IMA annual conference in June. We have held our annual Mid-Year conference in San Antonio and awarded the SCMS scholarship at the IMA Student Leadership conference in St. Louis.

The board of governors held its meeting immediately preceding the Mid-Year conference on October 21, 2018. We had 26 attendees at the meeting, including 5 on the phone. Some of our Governors were attending the IMA Board of Regents meeting and joined us later in the day for the conference. Alex Eng and Ginger White gave the IMA global update and participated in the meeting. Each SCMS Committee Chair discussed their goals and plans for the year. We voted to make a donation to the IMA Century Fund, to honor the passing of past SCMS President, Charlie Stewart, as well as funding for the Conference Scholarship winners to attend the SCMS annual dinner at the IMA conference.

Our Mid-Year conference was a success due to the hard work of SCMS board of governors, IMA staff LeighAnn Tobia, Denise Lauria, and Narnesha Pawliczek, and the wonderful speakers.  The hotel Contessa was at a great location on the Riverwalk. We were able to avoid the rain and toured the river beginning with a group picture on the boat.  Please see pictures on the website as well as later in this newsletter.

I was very pleased with the quality of the speakers at the conference.  From our very own Bud Kulesza who kicked off the conference on Sunday with a talk on Ethical Leadership, to the wonderful speaker from Deloitte, Kathryn Schwerdtfeger who spoke about Embracing Disruption and the work she was doing restoring Puerto Rico, from avoiding bankruptcy to redesigning the power grid, and the compassionate work done by David Marquez of the Bexar County Economic and Community Development department, we were off to a great conference.  Dana Forgione, a popular professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, gave an entertaining and frank presentation on the state of our economy, national debt and healthcare.  We also heard from Todd Burchett from BKD CPA’s on Data Analytic tools to detect Fraud, and Erica Love and Zach Fleming from Ryan LLC who described all the interesting facts about the effect of the WayFair decision on online sales and other tax particulars in Texas. The weather held up again when we toured the Japanese Tea Garden and Missions.  We also took a group picture in front of the Alamo, holding the SCMS banner. 

I had the honor of presenting the SCMS Scholarship to Luke Harris, of the Missouri State University at the IMA Student Leadership Conference in St. Louis on November 2, 2018. Many of you may have spent time with Luke at the IMA conference in June and at the SCMS annual dinner. He also was selected to participate in the Young Professionals Leadership Experience at the IMA board meeting in San Antonio.  The St. Louis Student Leadership conference had 620 attendees, to whom I gave a speech about the history and purpose of SCMS.  In addition to the scholarship, SCMS was the largest donor to support the conference.  IMA Global Board of Directors President, Ginger White, acknowledged SCMS’s support and scholarship at the very beginning of the conference.

As we approach the end of the calendar year for 2018, please consider the SCMS Scholarship Fund in your donation plans.  100% of the donations go directly into the SCMS Scholarship Fund. Some of our prior winners are now on the SCMS board of governors or recently joined SCMS.  While there are many needs in the community, the SCMS Scholarship Fund as part of your IMA donation plans, can make a huge difference in the lives of the next generation of financial professionals.  No amount is too small and every amount is appreciated.

As the holiday season nears, I want to send warm and heartfelt wishes for good health, close family, and prosperity in the year to come.  SCMS is with you every step of the way through life’s journeys.

Sincerely yours,

Susan E. Bos, CMA, CPA, CFE

President SCMS 2018-2019