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Cost Accounting in Big Data Analytics

For those of you who don’t know me, most of my time is spent justifying why moving to Big Data and/or a Business Intelligence platform is a worthwhile investment

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Moments that Matter Blog on balancing tech risks and rewards

Become the Gatekeepers of Big Data Posted on August 18, 2015 by imaleadership [Republished with permission from IMA's Moments that Matter blog] More financial professionals working in business are using Big Data in their decision-making process

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TechTalk Blog - AICPA Seeks to Develop Standards for Use of Data Analytics in Auditing

At the Rutgers Business School 38th World Continuous Auditing and Reporting Symposium on November 4 th & 5 th 2016 on the Rutgers campus in Newark, NJ.; a panel discussed the Rutgers AICPA Data Analytics Research Initiative (RADAR) . The three components of the project are: ...