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TechTalk Blog: US SEC Invites Entities Regulated by the SEC (Public Companies) to Submit a Voluntary Diversity Assessment Report and Also Disclose to Stakeholders

Earlier this week the US Securities and Exchange Commission's Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) issued a report aimed at helping SEC-regulated entities assess diversity efforts to the capital markets and other interested stakeholders. The self-assessments are voluntary for US public...

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TechTalk Blog -- Blockhain Technology Has an Opportunity to Revolutionize Governemnt Services -- Management Accountants Can Play a Role in this Transformation

Great article on Blockchain technology, cloud shared public ledgers and how it can be used for state, local and federal government to provide new services to the public. Premise: Blockchain technology can be applied using distributed public record technology that can be directed to a wide...

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TechTalk Blog -- European Parliament Votes in Favor of New Shareholders Rights Directive Requiring Additional Non-Financial Reporting by Public Companies

The European Parliament has voted in favor of new rules that will strengthen shareholder rights and facilitate cross-border voting under the Shareholders Rights Directive as the new Trump Presidential administration moves in the complete opposite direction related to enhanced corporate...

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TechTalk Blog -- Why the Capital Markets Needs Integrated Reporting -- Non-Financial Reporting

Interesting article … Largest democratic country in the world (India) is pushing the largest capital markets country in the world (USA) to have public companies disclose not only financial information but non-financial information to better serve both investors and the public. Including...

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Great article about UK’s new narrative reporting framework for listed companies, banks and insurance enterprises with more than 500 employees that went into effect for financial reporting periods on or after January 1, 2017 . Companies, banks and insurance enterprises will be required...

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TechTalk Blog -- 86% of Accounting Tasks Can Be Automated With Current Technology -- Management Accountants Need to Review New Technologies

Great article in Accounting Today by Daniel Hood (Editor) today about the accounting profession and its relationship to technology… From Accounting Today: T homson Reuters’ Jon Baron … roughly a third of them (accountants) are dooming themselves to extinction by not embracing change and...

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