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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission Chairman and US Congress Urge Public Companies to Disclosure Human Capital Metrics to the Capital Markets

Human capital development is one of the key factors in human development in which the government and the private sector plays a critical role...Management of human capital clearly results in better business.

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TechTalk Blog - US House and Senate Hold Hearings on US SEC Mandating Corporate Non-Financial Reporting to Support Growing $30 Trillion Sustainability Investing Marketplace

The debate yesterday closely followed the US Securities and Exchange’s Investor Advisory Committee vote on March 29, 2019 to consider imposing human capital management disclosure requirements as a part of its Disclosure Effectiveness Review and disclosure modernization project. Human capital disclosure is an important part of environmental, social and governance disclosures or what the accounting and auditing profession is calling “Integrated Reporting” which the IMA is an important member. The capitals identified by the IIRC are: financial capital , manufactured capital , intellectual capital , human capital , social and relationship capital , and natural capital

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Great article in Sustainable Brands and the significance of non-financial reporting disclosure by companies and its direct relationship to investor behavior… According to a recent Ernst & Young survey : Investors are increasingly using non-financial performance to draw...

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TechTalk Blog -- European Parliament Votes in Favor of New Shareholders Rights Directive Requiring Additional Non-Financial Reporting by Public Companies

The European Parliament has voted in favor of new rules that will strengthen shareholder rights and facilitate cross-border voting under the Shareholders Rights Directive as the new Trump Presidential administration moves in the complete opposite direction related to enhanced corporate...

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TechTalk Blog -- Why the Capital Markets Needs Integrated Reporting -- Non-Financial Reporting

Interesting article … Largest democratic country in the world (India) is pushing the largest capital markets country in the world (USA) to have public companies disclose not only financial information but non-financial information to better serve both investors and the public. Including...