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Tech Talk Blog - Data Governance and the Cloud

Key points related to data governance that management accountants should prepare themselves for specifically related to migrating to the cloud are: Key Considerations : Ensuring the cloud application access controls are robust; determining who can access data and on which device; ensuring the cloud application supports your organizational data management standards

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Tech Topics at the IMA 2015 Annual Conference - A guide

Accounting and finance technology changes quickly, and an excellent forum for learning about the latest and greatest is also approaching quickly – the IMA 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition (ACE) in Los Angeles, June 20-24 (if you haven’t registered yet – be sure to do so now at www...

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TechTalk Blog: Top 10 Jobs for 2015 Include 4 Data Analytics Roles

This also relates closely to the development and oversight of an effective data governance strategy at the company – CFOs, in their evolving roles as data stewards, data scientists and strategic advisors, also need to ensure that the data governance strategy is in place to ensure that the information they analyze is accessible, reliable and consumable for the analytics

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TechTalk Blog: No More Mr. Nice Guy – Cybersecurity Attacks Explode

This is a direct weakness in the data governance strategy and policy of the organization, and one that needs shoring up immediately (think weak point in the castle walls with invaders pummeling at it with a catapult – it doesn't take much effort nowadays with more advanced technologies and tools to break through)

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TechTalk Blog: Rebuilding Investor Confidence in the Capital Markets: Combining Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) & XBRL Financial Statement Data Standards

Great information in this article about the global expansion of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) global data standard and its impact in providing both regulators and investors understanding about the relationship between entities and their exposure in the capital markets. With the financial crisis...