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TechTalk Blog -- 86% of Accounting Tasks Can Be Automated With Current Technology -- Management Accountants Need to Review New Technologies

Then there’s the 60 to 65 percent that use technology to enhance existing practices, but not much more. And the rest—less than 10 percent—are aggressively transforming their firms and diving into technology, and they will thrive.”

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TechTalk Blog -- Blockhain Technology Has an Opportunity to Revolutionize Governemnt Services -- Management Accountants Can Play a Role in this Transformation

Great article on Blockchain technology, cloud shared public ledgers and how it can be used for state, local and federal government to provide new services to the public. Premise: Blockchain technology can be applied using distributed public record technology that can be directed to a wide range of urban applications to assist the public and distribute resources to meet public need using peer-to-peer collaboration. Management accountants can play a role in activating this new technology

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TechTalk Blog: Decentralization of IT for SMEs and the Rise of Managed Services

The IT department is no longer the sole control point for managing the organization’s technology spend. According to a recent 2014 study done by Vanson Bourne on behalf of CA Technologies , “the transformation of technology from a centrally managed IT responsibility to corporate-wide business enabler is upending the enterprise and reshaping the way technology is purchased, deployed and used.” This is catalyzing transformation of how SMEs acquire and deploy technology, and it is causing the role of the IT staff to evolve as well into that of a strategic advisor

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TechTalk Blog: Fight Cyber Terrorists through Integrated Corporate Resilience, Not Just IT Controls

If, as the authors state, “nearly 80 percent of technology executives surveyed report that their organizations cannot keep up with the attackers’ increasing sophistication,” it seems to me that robust internal controls will not be effective at keeping out the unwanted guests poking around your digital assets