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Remote June 18th Meeting

Sponsor: TBD 2 CPE credits Speakers: Jennifer Larson & Mike Lovelace Presentation: "Lack of Internal Controls: Beaumont Independent School District" (case study that meets 2 hour CMA ethics requirement: Misplaced Trust, Devastating Fraud) ...

 06-18-2020 | 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM CT
 San Antonio TX

May 2019 Women in Leadership Conference

YOU ARE INVITED TO WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP – “TEAMBUILDING ACTIVITY & INTERACTIVE SESSION” Dear valued member, Our presenter for this event, Nicoletta Stella, Ph.D. , is a multifaceted leader with an outstanding record of the life and business experience and a passion for learning...

 05-04-2019 | 02:30 PM - 06:30 PM AST
 Abu Dhabi

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TechTalk Blog - US House and Senate Hold Hearings on US SEC Mandating Corporate Non-Financial Reporting to Support Growing $30 Trillion Sustainability Investing Marketplace

Interesting debate yesterday before the US Senate Banking Committee on the topic of expanding disclosures of US companies to include environmental, social and governance data besides just financial disclosures. The US House Committee on Financial Services held a hearing on the same topic last...

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TechTalk Blog - How to Talk to Investors on Non-Financial Reporting Disclosures to Attract New Capital

According to CERES - while almost half of the 600 largest U.S. public companies communicate with investors about environmental, social and governance issues, they could be doing a much better job of it. One “constant refrain” heard from investors is that “if a company is not talking about its...

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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission Chairman and US Congress Urge Public Companies to Disclosure Human Capital Metrics to the Capital Markets

Human capital development is one of the key factors in human development in which the government and the private sector plays a critical role. Policies and systems established by the government and the business community to enable education, trade and socialization help human capital development...

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TechTalk Blog - Securities Regulators from Growth and Emerging Markets Seeking Comments on Sustainability Disclosures (CSR/ESG) & Role of Regulator in this Area

The International Organization of Securities Organizations (IOSCO) issued a press release today stating that securities regulators from growth and emerging markets are seeking public feedback on proposed recommendations related to the development of sustainable finance in capital markets and...

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TechTalk Blog - US Government Mandates Machine-Readable Government Financial Reporting Using Data Standard Like XBRL For Better Data Analytics

President Trump on January 14, 2019 signed into law the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking (FEBP) Act ( H.R. 4174 , S. 2046 ), which includes the Open, Public, Electronic, and Necessary (OPEN) Government Data Act (Title II). Strategic Finance Magazine published the following article...