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TechTalk Blog: Internet of Things and Accounting of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is...types of products with information...connectivity to include various types of processors...already thought the piles of data were big

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TechTalk Blog - Securities Regulators from Growth and Emerging Markets Seeking Comments on Sustainability Disclosures (CSR/ESG) & Role of Regulator in this Area

Internet of Things IOSCO...The International Organization of...recommendations related to the development of...role of securities regulators in this area

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TechTalk Blog - US GAO Issues Report on State of Climate/ Non Financial Disclosures in the United States & US SEC Efforts to Monitor & Enforce to Protect Investors

Yesterday at a summit of central bank...governors in Amsterdam -- the governor of the...Bank of England warned that climate change...the work of economist Hyman Minsky who has

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TechTalk Blog - Need for Digital Assurance Services Grow As Structured Data (XBRL) Gains Momentum by Both Capital Markets & Governments For Better Decision Making

More than 2/3 of the world’s capital...countries have mandated the use of XBRL assurance of the specific reported...(XBRL is a version of structured data...and is in approximately one-third of the

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TechTalk Blog - US House and Senate Hold Hearings on US SEC Mandating Corporate Non-Financial Reporting to Support Growing $30 Trillion Sustainability Investing Marketplace

topic of expanding disclosures of US...disclosure of corporate ESG factors, said ranking...has mandated the disclosure of this data...a part of its Disclosure Effectiveness

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TechTalk Blog - European Financial Transparency Gateway Construction Moves Forward For Better EU Public Company Disclosures to Help Global Investors

indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of...of information such as climate change...LLP law firm about the specifics of the...): The European Commission, as part of its