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Tech Talk Blog - Data Governance and the Cloud

related to data governance that management...preparing yourself is, “Data governance considerations when

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Moments that Matter Blog on balancing tech risks and rewards

Become the Gatekeepers of Big Data Posted on August 18, 2015 by imaleadership [Republished with permission from IMA's Moments that Matter blog] More financial professionals working in business are using Big Datain their decision-making process. And the explosion of data...

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TechTalk Blog: Internet of Things and Accounting of Things

governance strategies and reliability of data to...governance strategy helps ensure this through...the data governance plan, as the governance strategy and the risk

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TechTalk Blog - Securities Regulators from Growth and Emerging Markets Seeking Comments on Sustainability Disclosures (CSR/ESG) & Role of Regulator in this Area

material Environmental, Social and Governance...disclosure requirements, governance and investor...appetite and governance (Recommendation 1...strategies and overall governance of...#governance #GovernmentReporting

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