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TechTalk Blog - As Proxy Season Starts US Companies & Banks Begin to Disclosure Non-Financial Data to the Capital Markets as a Best Practice

More than 1,600 investors (together managing more than $70 trillion in assets) have committed to incorporating ESG factors into their portfolio asset management practices, becoming signatories to the United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment

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TechTalk Blog: Rise of a Hybrid in the C-suite - the CFTO?

I recently attended the annual strategic planning meeting of the IMA's Technology Solutions & Practices Committee during which we had some lengthy conversations about the evolution of management accountants moving from a more transactional focus to an increasingly strategic role to help the company make decisions that impact growth and value

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TechTalk Blog - US Securities & Exchange Commission Chairman and US Congress Urge Public Companies to Disclosure Human Capital Metrics to the Capital Markets

The SEC’s interpretation and the Congressional “Corporate Diversity Bill” are the latest evidence that efforts over the past two years for enhanced board diversity are gaining considerable momentum. 1 The Human Capital Management Coalition —a group of institutional investors with $2.8 trillion in assets—is urging the US Securities and Exchange Commission to require issuers to “disclose information about their human capital management policies, practices and performance.”

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TechTalk Blog - How to Talk to Investors on Non-Financial Reporting Disclosures to Attract New Capital

Join the IMA's Technology Solutions Practice Committee to learn more about these new technologies being used by management accountants to support non-financial reporting to an increasingly interested capital markets.

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TechTalk Blog - US GAO Issues Report on State of Climate/ Non Financial Disclosures in the United States & US SEC Efforts to Monitor & Enforce to Protect Investors

“In the process of writing this paper, we found that the body of knowledge and practice around development of effective internal controls for sustainability data is just beginning to emerge,” says Brad Monterio, co-author and a former global board member of IMA