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How exactly would you evaluate your job placement agent? 

08-19-2020 04:14 AM

Making use of a recruitment company to solve your current resourcing needs can be dangerous if you fail to do your research. It is best to ensure you know enough about your recruiter to guarantee a simple recruitment process which doesn't end up as a pricey and unrewarding pursuit. In London, the recruitment industry comprises of numerous companies - small, large, professional, generalist, but all of them have only one purpose: to recruit and make money.

Below are some elements you need to look for in your job placement agent before even considering engaging them:


Do they give a relevant commitment or determination? Known recruiters set out a strategy on how they are likely to accomplish your demands, within a fixed period. These strategies are listed below:

  1. Publish job ads on Job board / start connecting to networks
  2. Phone interviews done

iii. Face-to-face interviews done

  1. Presentation of short list to the company
  2. Organizing internal interviews with HR manager(s)
  3. Reference checking and other checks as required.

vii. Verification of job placement / commencement details

With these you have the right idea and not just what the placement agent will be doing for you, but the time they will get it done.


Do they engage with you completely? Has the Recruitment Agency taken time to study your company, get an idea for the environment, discuss the requirement and carefully consider and talked with you? Otherwise, it is most likely worth another search someplace else.

Specialist Support and PA recruitment company CandcSearch have told us that the best recruiters work alongside your company. Their endeavors to determine how your company operates, what effective elements are within the business, the way you have employed in past times, and the achievements made so far. In most cases, the placement agency must show true interest in your company along with the employment requirements within.

Ultimately, you intend to have a job placement agency that can be summoned if needed, for the reason that if they have taken time to study your company, you will want to cling to their expertise. What better ways to guarantee you obtain the ideal employees continually, subsequently having an advocate for you in the job market?


How well do you trust your recruitment agent? This can be as simple as a gut feeling, or more systematic, yet in most cases, unless you trust your recruitment agent, you are not likely to get along well with them and it would be a smart decision to look somewhere else.

Trust is one thing that cannot be determined by the size of an organization or what the agent says to you - However it must be earned.

Don't hesitate to set them on the spot to ensure you are satisfied with their expertise; inquire further what they really understand in your own niche (or if they are unsure, how will they research it), if they have contacts in this field, the things they understand of the job market or the possible issues affecting supply of candidates or applicants.

Following these simple points, companies can be certain about their choice of recruitment agency which is dependent on comprehensive information gathering and research.

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