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Incorporating SignNow Solutions for Increased Work Productivity 

07-14-2020 09:46 AM

The majority of companies all around the globe have been investing their time and money into converting all their documentation into the digital format. This is a lengthy process that started quite a few years ago. Digital copies of official documents are definitely more flexible and allow many modern solutions while working with them. However, having all your company files saved somewhere in cloud storage means you will either have to print them out for future work or need the ability to put an electronic signature at least.

Various electronic solutions are essential for efficient work with digital documents, and placing electronic signatures is the key one. Luckily, SignNow provides some of the most versatile software options on the market. The program was developed specifically to make the process of dealing with digital documents much easier. This covers placing electronic signatures, editing files, sending them to other workers, and receiving replies. Many reviews from long-time SignNow users provide valuable insight into how effective and beneficial this program is.

The Many Advantages of Working with the SignNow Software

The main thing that makes any document actually official is a signature. All physical papers can be easily signed by hand, but what about their digital counterparts? A company without convenient and efficient electronic signature software will not benefit from digitalizing its documentation. Quite the opposite, the general productivity might even drop considerably. This can happen if the employees will have to print out any papers, sign, and edit them by hand, and then digitalize them once again.

SignNow is some of the best solutions available on the modern market due to its versatility and convenience. There is a wide range of other options apart from efficient e-signature placement, and here are some of the main benefits:

  •  Simple and accessible. In order to make the integration of this software as quick and smooth as possible, SignNow offers a program that is easy-to-use for everyone. Many special software options require some type of training or at least a certain time spent on figuring out how it works. This is a waste of time to teach all the employees how to work with certain software, which is why SignNow is so intuitive for anyone to start working with it as soon as possible.
  •  Open for everyone. A company’s employees are not the only people who work with documents and sign them. Each business has its clients and partners who also deal with the documentation. SignNow is so convenient that even people seeing it for the first time can pick it up right away.
  •  Available on various platforms. If you are a businessperson, you know how crucial it is to have access to important documents at all times. SignNow can be used on basically any device you might need. You can have it on your PC or laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Mobile devices, both on Android and iOS, are perfectly suitable for supporting SignNow.
  •  Safe and protected. Often, information stored and exchange online can be in danger because of hackers. SignNow understands the importance of business documentation and pays close attention to making the software incredibly secure. Thanks to the multiple levels of encryption, your documents will be protected from any leaking or theft.

The Key Features of SignNow for Better Documents Management

The abundance of convenient features in this program allows using it for many purposes instead of incorporating many other programs. It serves for making legal signatures on electronic documents and managing all the files in a convenient way. Here are some of the main features:

  •  Enclosing files. It’s quite common that a signed copy of a document requires some type of additional file attached. With SignNow, you can easily send a document for a signature and specify a file attachment in the settings. This way you will receive a finalized and signed paper together with any additional files.
  •  Various signature types. There are a few ways of making an electronic signature, and you can select the one that suits you most. Alternatively, you can make a single method obligatory for all the company documentation in order to keep it unified. You can easily draw your signature with a mouse, upload and insert a scan or a photo of a signature on paper, or write down your name instead of drawing a signature. You can save any signatures used in the database for quick access in the future.
  •  A wide range of designated fields. There are special customizable boxes for various information pieces to be inserted. You can add a necessary box to a document for it to be the only customizable field. There are designated boxes for signatures, times and dates, text in general, and checkboxes. Including checkboxes in documents with lists or a few positions to choose from will allow selecting any necessary items quickly.

The Efficiency of Working with SignNow

The main objective of any company is to boost efficiency and increase general income. SignNow is the software that enhances productivity and influences the success of the business directly. SignNow’s users note in their reviews how it improves their workflow, making the employees more content and productive.

Dozens of companies in different fields and countries have been using SignNow successfully for a long time now. Regardless of the size of your businesses, whether it is a small business, a medium-sized enterprise, or an international corporation, you will benefit from this software greatly.

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