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Tips when meeting your recruitment consultant for very first time 

07-12-2019 02:06 AM

Although a number of job seekers do not give their meeting with a recruitment consultant the attention it deserves, it should not be the same case for you. It is vital to understand that developing a good relation with the consultant may be your gateway to getting a good job. The initial meeting with a consultant is considered an important step towards landing a job and so should not be underestimated at all costs. Majority of recruiter’s request for a one-on-one meeting with job seekers as a way of getting to understand them better, resulting in proper categorization when seeking vacant positions on their behalf.  

Therefore, it is important to prepare adequately for the initial meeting that you will have with a recruitment consultant. Some of the ways that will guarantee a great meeting with the consultant when meeting for the first time include:

1. Present a good first impression

It is likely that the minute you walk through the door, your recruitment consultant has already formed an impression about you. Therefore, it is important to provide a good impression by dressing appropriately, preferably office wear. Act professionally and arrive on time so as to demonstrate that you respect the consultant’s time and yours as well. In addition, listen keenly to any feedback given and ensure that you thank the consultant for taking their time to meet with you.

2. Practice interviewing skills

PA recruitment consultant agency CandCsearch told us that although not explicitly said, a meeting with your recruitment consultant is basically an interview which makes it important to prepare in advance. Some of the ways to put into practice your interviewing skills is by answering all questions with a lot of confidence and enthusiasm in the job position. Most times, having better interview skills, results in your addition to their pool of candidates that they contact when there is a vacant position. Be aware of your non-verbal communication as well when meeting with your recruitment consultant so that what you say, matches your body language.

3. Give and receive feedback

After the interview, the retirement consultant is likely to provide feedback on the meeting suggesting areas to improve while commending areas that you did well. Therefore, it is also important that you have questions that you will ask your consultant to better understand the job position being offered better. When relevant questions are asked, it shows commitment to the job being offered and is likely to lift your profile in the eyes of your recruitment consultant.

4. Be positive

Changes to your CV and overall presentation are likely to be the focus of the initial meeting with the consultant providing suggestions that will increase chances of landing a job. It is important to take the suggestions positively and work hard towards making the necessary modifications. In cases, where you do not understand their feedback clearly, ask for clarification to ensure that the meeting is effective and has long-term benefits that can be used by graduates as well as those re-entering the job market.

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