Chapter Chat

January 2021

After the challenges of 2020, we hope 2021 will bring life back to what we knew as normal. Last year’s challenges may have tested your skills at home, school, and work. Did you use some long forgotten skills? Some newly discovered skills? If so, consider sharing them with our chapter as a board or subcommittee member. We have some members that have been sharing their time and effort for years to make this chapter a successful one. We can always use additional teammates to get new ideas and share your skills today.

You made it through 2020 - are you certified? Now may be the time - to get your CMA, that is! If you are still working from home, use what would be commuting time to study and get your CMA, CSCA, or complete other continuing education courses offered by IMA. It might just be the tipping point to get you that promotion at work or that new job.

As we enter this new year, let us remember a couple of losses our chapter recently suffered. In December, William Zorr, long-time member, past-president, and professor at UWO, lost his wife, Jo. Also, Harry Ostendorf, long-time member, past president, and professor at UWO, passed away in late December. Every time I saw Harry, he always had a smile on his face.

John Wieland
CMA Coordinator, Past President, MAC Council Past President & Regional Director

The meeting dates and topics for the balance of the fiscal year are listed below. You can find full program descriptions, speaker information and bios, and registration information in our annual program book and on the event listings page on this website.

Date & Topic
1/19/21 Tax & Accounting Updates: Turning Planning into Opportunity
2/16/21 Business Implications of the COVID Pandemic
3/17/21 Cultivating a Bias-Free Workplace (WEB ONLY)
4/13/21 Menasha Utilities Tour & Sustainability with Focus on Energy
5/18/21 Identity Theft: Protect & Prevent

We always welcome feedback and suggestions! Please email us at or use the “contact us” page (under “About Chapter”) on this site to let us know what you’re thinking.